So, these days…

These days I’m taking a little vacation. I’d rather believe it was a well deserved one.

I’m still in my now-becoming-usual-let’s-hope-it-doesn’t emotional turmoil. For the moment I’m going to swallow it a bit, so that maybe some issues get sorted themselves, and for the rest I’ll try with the help of my psychologist first, and then with the help of my friends. I don’t want to burn them with my stuff. Don’t get worried, though, I’m fine. It’s just the usual things that plague the mind of a 35-year-old adolescent.

So, tomorrow, if I get no further notice, my brother will be coming to pay us a little visit. He’s going to stay with us some days, and thus he’ll be the first one in my family to see me after five months of hormones. I was with them for New Year, but my therapy had not yet started, just the first laser session. I expect him to be surprised. I hope everything goes fine.

He’ll be also bringing us the car he said he’d lend us, since he’s not needing it at the moment. And having solved this, I’ll be able to go to work safely, in my car, as a woman.

I’ve already said in my company that I’m making this step already. Right now they’re making changes to the databases, so that they reflect my new name instead of the old one. A couple of pictures for the security pass and we’ll be done. I’m a bit afraid, because whereas my colleagues in my department already are in the know, the rest of the company are more or less unaware of how I am changing. I guess people are puzzled, I’ve changed a lot already, but nobody knows what it means. During my vacation I guess the news will spread a bit. However, I’ll tell them the day before, so they’re warned.

So, I’m going full time.

And to celebrate, and to give another step forward, this friday I’m getting my ears pierced so I can wear earrings. And we’re doing this at the place of a couple of friends, and we’re going to throw a little party for the occasion.

So, all in all, this is it so far. Still many things to fix, but I keep moving on…

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