Another step…

Last week one of my colleagues at work resigned.

We’re a close team. There is a core group of veterans who will hang out and have drinks and party. This guy was one of them, so we went out and had drinks and partied.

And I took my chance to finally present myself as a woman in front of my colleagues.

Yes, I know I’m already almost completely living as a woman. The reason why I’m not going to work yet as a woman is the place. The building I work in is in the middle of nothing, and I have to walk some fifteen minutes from the bus stop through a deserted place with weeds and reeds. Right now it is not too bad, because it doesn’t get dark yet, but I still feel I must protect myself in that place, and I feel it is more unlikely to have a bad encounter if I dress there as a man.

Soon I’ll have my car. In two weeks time, at most. And then I’ll start going to work as a woman, feeling confident that my colleagues have already met me, and it wasn’t an issue for them.

I can’t wait 🙂

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