Fighting myself…

Yesterday I went to the hairdresser.

Since I had my hair long, I had it always fuzzy. There was no way for it to look good.

Yesterday they told me not to brush it, because my hair was naturally very curly, and I was just breaking the curls. That is why it always looked fuzzy. I just needed to give my hair a rest, let it dry without touching it, without brushing it anymore, and it would arrange itself alone. Everything comes into place.

I guess it is the same for me, at a larger scale. I just have to stop fighting myself, and everything comes into place.

I know it sounds obvious, maybe just a stupid metaphor. But I’ve been fighting with myself every day, one way or another. I’ve been always fighting my mind, trying to accept what my body was programmed to do. And now I’m doing the exactly opposite. I’m changing the way my body works, trying to accept my mind. And this just seems easier, and every part of my mind is coming into place.

There will be compromise. Some parts of my life, my mind and my body I’ll have to adjust, and some parts I’ll just have to leave alone. Whatever it is easier. I’m learning to listen to myself, and thus I’m learning to accept some parts of me, and to focus only in fighting those parts of me I can deal with.

And if there is something you can never fight against, that is your hair.

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