From a different prism…

I feel the water in my skin.

I feel how it runs down over my skin, cooling it, refreshing it. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt. My swollen nipples hurt, and the water calms them down. I see the reflection of myself on the window just in front of me. There are small breasts where my pectorals used to be. And the fresh water runs between them.

I feel my skin get goosebumps with the contact of my clothes. I’ve never been this sensitive before. I love it. My skin feels no longer numb. It is soft. I just lie on the bed, sliding my fingertips over my arms. It calms me down. I can be like this for hours.

I see things. I can feel how that girl who walks towards me in the street looks at the boy that walks with her. How she smiles, how can’t she take her eyes off him. The expression in her face. The tiny bit in her lip. The look of desire. I feel like I can figure out, I can imagine what happens in other people’s minds.

I don’t feel sexual urge anymore. I just feel lust. First one thought that lights up some synapses in my brain. Then, it triggers another. And another. And like a river, they join together, and I feel a running stream of lust that makes me feel like cuddling up in my girlfriend’s lap, makes me feel like being touched.

I close my eyes, relaxed. I start to dream. I can see my face. It’s beautiful, soft, round… I can see my big greenish eyes. I’m happy.

The world has become a new, beautiful and pleasant place to be. Everything is now a new experience, seen from a slightly different prism.

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